Jupiter Knitting Company

41, India
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Staff Members : More than 2000 Employees
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About Jupiter Knitting Company

The company was established by Mr. Subramaniam when he was about 17. As he learnt the nitty gritties of business, the importance of the human element in the organization dwelled upon him. He was less and less enamored by numbers and financial figures. His focus was beyond that. He realized it was much more important to keep people happy. What, according to him, was the purpose of achieving targets, meeting deadlines etc., etc., if that was achieved at the cost of friends, family and life. What was the purpose of success if that required us to forget being human beings or if that made us incapable of enjoying the simple joys of life .He believed it was a happy and content team that was the true measure of success. He also believed that if the workplace was conducive to nurturing that happiness, sustained growth would be achieved. His organization had to be human. He insisted that everyone understand and appreciate individual limitations, treat one another with respect, put problems in the right perspective and treat them as collective responsibility. He believed these to be little steps to making work enjoyable and thereby ensuring happiness. Our deep-rooted involvement in managing quality and timely shipment is the basic thread of our success. Hence no surprise that our products are distinctly recognized in the global market for their flawless finishing that make buyers place repeat orders. Being a professionally managed company of social responsibility, Our work culture adores to code of conducts of very highly demanding customers.

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