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To start or scale any of the business, the founder(s) should be spending much time on gathering the information about other businesses and be up-to- date over competitive landscaping.We hear most of them say as "Out of 100 startups, 90 fails, 8 struggles on scalability & 2 succeed". But, another level of achievement could be,Out of 90 failures, 80% (Yes, around 70 companies) can be survivalOut of 8 struggles on scalability, 20% (Yes, around 2 companies) can grow faster(Now, let’s not talk about the remaining 2 cases that have succeeded).The complex solution that they were building is with the simple right choice of technology-product- market fit! SUCCESS tells STORIES, FAILURE teaches LEARNING.When we did a research about the failures and the one who is struggling to scale, we found that most of the founding teams are sounding more on technical & product and unfortunately very few of them are in Market Research, Sales & Marketing expertise.Many startups are being failed or the SMEs are struggling to scale though the solution was perfect and the reason behind is, the founding or executive team spends more,Time & Effort on: Market Research, Marketing, Sales & Business DevelopmentUnderstanding the ground level of business informationBudget on: hiring full time (multiple) resources of the above oroutsourcing or sharing the requirements independently about Market Research, Marketing, Sales & Business Development requirements to the different vendors or free launce or known circle

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